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How to Come Up With Effective Blogging Topics

You should know by now that a blog is great for enhancing your online presence, establishing credibility, and connecting with new clients. However, once you have one you need to make sure that it stays both interesting and relevant.


Here are some insider tips to help you out.

Consider People’s Recent Questions

You might already have an FAQ page for those queries which never seem to go out of fashion. Blogs can serve a similar function, but for topics which are only on client’s minds for a short amount of time. For the next week or two, keep track of what your clients are asking you. Do they want to know whether a new trend is all it’s cracked up to be? Do they want to know what you’ve heard about some upcoming software? Make the subjects which they’re bringing up into blog topics.

Search Your Competitors

This doesn’t mean going to the blog of your closest rival and then copy/pasting everything to your own. Instead, look at the type of topics which they are engaging with. These are the topics which are useful for companies searching through their blogs; find out what you can add to the discussion, and then create your own unique content.

Stay Current

Keep an eye on Twitter to check what’s trending, with alerts set up for anything particularly related to your industry. When something appropriate becomes news, you’ll be able to strike while the iron is hot.

Make Responsive Blogs

While you’re looking at the competition, keep an open mind as to whether you agree with what they’re saying. One of the most effective ways to come up with an idea for a blog post is by debating the opinions put forward in someone else’s. Of course, this needs to be constructive rather than simply an attack. You can also play off other people’s titles in an interesting way; instead of ‘How to Come up With Effective Blog Ideas’, you could write ‘How to Stop Coming Up with Awful Blog Ideas’. Each article essentially aims to improve people’s idea creation process, but the second represents a new angle.

One of the biggest blogging challenges comes with having to think up new ideas on a regular basis, but you can use these tips to make sure that you stay ahead.

Sep 25th 2015