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How Can You Stop Online Customers Abandoning Their Shopping Carts?

In physical shops, you rarely see an abandoned shopping cart, but they absolutely litter the digital marketplace. Many customers will place items in their basket only the leave the page altogether and never return to buy. This is often down to reasons beyond your control, but there are still a number of things to take into account.


Don’t Be Too Demanding

Online shoppers like things to be quick and easy; if they aren’t, another online store is just a few clicks away. You need to make sure online deals can be closed quickly, so don’t sour your sales by asking for too much information.

You’ll need an email address in order to send the receipt and confirmation, but asking for too much additional information will turn customers off in a hurry. If you really feel that you need that data, ask for it after the sale.

Be Upfront Concerning Additional Costs

Turning around at a physical checkout is embarrassing, but online shoppers have no problem clicking away when they see your high shipping costs. In fact, 44% of shoppers leave their cart due to that expense.

Of course, you almost certainly can’t avoid shipping costs, but you should list them early on in the process. Waiting until the last moment to spring those costs on a customer does not create a very positive connection.

Reinforce Your Offer

Online shoppers should remain aware of why they need to buy a particular product from you, so make sure that all incentives are provided in the closing stage of the sale. If there’s a discount, show the original price next to the reduced one. If the product is low in stock, make sure that you present that information. Just be sure that the language which you employ remains positive.

You’ll never be able to prevent abandoned carts entirely; people often simply use them to remember items for later, or because they’re comparison shopping. However, taking the points in this guide into account can help ensure that your digital aisles remain relatively clear of missed opportunities.

Aug 18th 2015